Janie Graham completed her degree in Applied Arts at the University of Hertfordshire in 2004, attaining a First Class Honours in her specialism, ceramics. New Designers at the Business Design Centre was followed by several exhibitions with The Society of Designer Craftsmen at the Mall Galleries in London. Latterly she had made work in paperclay but in 2011 decided to concentrate on the paper element alone, and more specifically book paper. Experimentation in folding, collage and manipulation has led ultimately to the work we know her for now, three-dimensional illustration of actual books.

“I’m drawn to the strong storylines of classic adventure stories. These timeless tales cross generations and I hope my interpretation presents them in fresh way. The three dimensional structure literally lifts the characters off the pages. Where possible I like to print images directly onto the book pages themselves. My work is playful and displays a light witty character but also demonstrates a sense of craft and originality. Where possible I like to enclose the work in a bell jar which proposes the book as a singular, precious object, even as mysterious. It becomes an object of curiosity and suggests the idea of a ‘collection’."